About Motley

We at Motley,
believe that dance has something
to offer everybody, and so we have a myriad of services
of the best in dance education and entertainment.


We provide
Dance lessons in various forms.
World class performances.
Choreography services for weddings, corporates, schools and colleges.
Workshops for corporate events, private parties and social events.
Classes and workshops for kids


About our Salsa & Bachata classes

Learn to social dance at our Salsa & Bachata classes. Our Salsa & Bachata classes bring
together people from all walks of life to enjoy this incredible dance
and immerse in the rich culture. We deliver the best Salsa & Bachata experience
through our internationally trained team of instructors with
a focus on great technique, a well-researched syllabus, and pure fun!


What is Salsa & Bachata?

Salsa & Bachata is an umbrella term for a mixture of musical and dance styles that came together in Cuba to form what we know today as Salsa & Bachata. Today, around the world, Salsa & Bachata is danced as a social dance as well as performance art. Typically, Salsa & Bachata is danced as a partner dance with a leader and a follower.
Disambiguation: Salsa & Bachata- A saucy condiment that goes with your tortilla chips. You won’t find that here.
We are a dance school.
Our instructors are not good cooks.

Is it easy for someone with two left feet to learn to dance Salsa & Bachata?

When one says that they “have two left feet”, they usually refer to a general awkwardness that they feel while dancing. To this, we say, dancing is a skill. Skills can be learnt. Your perceived awkwardness on the dance floor can be combated by going to a class, where, under the guidance of expert teachers, you can learn to master the dance form.
Additionally, Salsa & Bachata is a social dance. The nature of social dance is that anyone, and we mean absolutely anyone, can enjoy it!

Does a person need to have dance experience to learn Salsa & Bachata?


What do I wear for class? Do I need dance shoes?

Clothes- We suggest comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. For example, track pants and a T-shirt. Footwear- If this is your first Salsa & Bachata class, you could bring a pair of socks to dance in. There are however specialised dance shoes designed for Salsa & Bachata dancing and we recommend investing in a pair if you intend to-

  • do more than a few Salsa & Bachata classes
  • go out social dancing

Do I need a partner to join Salsa & Bachata Classes?

NO. Bringing a partner to class is not compulsory.
Many people come to Salsa & Bachata classes by themselves, so it’s okay to come alone. Typically we switch partners every few minutes in class so that everyone gets to dance with everyone else.

How long will it take for me to start social dancing?

It takes about 24 hours of class to complete our beginner level syllabus. The goal is to equip you with all the tools you would need to social dance comfortably by the end of this period.
However, having said that, it also depends on how a student assimilates the information provided in class and practises the skills taught.
“Practice makes perfect” is a saying as old as the hills, but it’s also as true as truth itself.

Is there an age limit to learn or dance Salsa & Bachata?

NO. Age, in and of itself, is not a barrier.

How frequently do Salsa & Bachata batches start?

Several of our classes are Open Classes so one doesn’t need to wait for a new batch to start to join a beginner level class. We have multiple instructors at every location to cater to students at various levels.
Intake of new students occurs every 2-8 hours depending on which location you’re looking at joining.

Do I need to join a new batch? Can I join a batch after it has started?

In an open class format, one has a bit more flexibility and can join a batch pretty much anytime. However, consistency is recommended and we suggest that you attend classes regularly till you complete the syllabus set for your level.

Do you have to make up sessions if I miss a class or two?

We usually allow you to take our 8-hour packages for over 10 hours. If you do miss more than 2 hours, however, we may not be able to compensate you for it.

How does dancing Salsa & Bachata help or benefit you?

“How do I help Thee? Let me count the ways…”
~Salsa & Bachata Dance The average Salsa & Bachata dancer spends per week- 4 hours sweating it out in a dance studio to upgrade their skills, and another 3 to 4 hours at a Salsa & Bachata club, dancing all night. That’s your cardio already taken care of, not to mention a host of other benefits like reduced stress, increased endorphins, diminished depression and dementia and better balance amongst others.
Physical activities like dancing help you switch off from the world while keeping you engaged in the movement of your body. While dancing, you are focussed on the moment, leaving your cares to melt away.
You develop a better ear for rhythm and music.
You develop a whole new Social Circle. Not only will you meet new people in the class and hence expand your circle in your city of residence, but also be connected to a worldwide network of Salseras and Salseros.
Salsa & Bachata socials around the world are warm and welcoming and you need never feel lonely again in any part of the world.
You become a much better communicator, having learned to speak and listen in turns in a partner dance!

What happens after learning Salsa & Bachata or attending classes?

You are the master of your own Salsa & Bachata Destiny!
You could social dance, perform, travel to Salsa & Bachata festivals, take part in competitions…
There’s a host of things to do, and a large and robust Salsa & Bachata community around the world, for you to find your niche.

Benefits of our dance classes?

We’re good dancers and good teachers. Our “credentials” can be found here.

But here’s what we think helps us to be a good dance school that gives you great dance education and experiences-

  • We genuinely love what we do and make every effort to impart the best of our knowledge to our students.
  • We train hard ourselves, in order to stay on top of our game.
  • We have decades of combined experience in dance training and have worked with scores of students before you.
  • We have developed a well-researched syllabus that we follow and upgrade constantly.
  • We’re always ready to help you in your journey to becoming a better dancer.